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“Our Priceless Health Regained… Thanks to Nu Life!”

Overcoming Breast Cancer with WWA
(Under supervision of Dra. Edna S. Lao)

breast cancer 1Severe Varicose Veins
Trinidad R. Momo, 65 years old

A year ago, the varicose veins on my lower legs were so severe rhat my skin was already darkened. I underwent a duplex scan to confirm my conditiona nd we found out that I really had incompetent blood flow. My doctor insisted that I undergo operation for the danger that a vein might break anytime and eventually affect my heart. It made me afraid then, but I thought of an alternative way aside from undergoing operation. NU LIFE products were then introduced to me, particularly the Wheatgrass and Alfalfa.

I started taking the product and it did help me forget about the operation, because of the improvement it gave my health. The darkened skin on my legs is now getting lighter. Also, my other illnesses, like goiter, melted away.

I thank the Lord for NU LIFE!

breast cancer 1End-Stage Renal Disease

I’m Ernesto B, Largo, 52 years old. Three years ago I was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease by two doctors, one from St. Luke’s Hospital and the other from National Kidney Institute. They told me that my total kidney function was 3% on the left and 3% on the right. They said that there was no medication for my conditionexcept to undergo a kidney transplant or to have hemodialysis.

Inspite of me undergoing dialysis three times a week, my weight continued to drop and I became weaker as the days went by. I could hardly climb up the stairs of our house. Sometimes, I had to use a wheelchair because of the extreme weakness that I felt.

Sometime in October 2002, a friend named Art Arollado told me to try using Wheatgrass and Alfalfa. In just one week, I felt the great result. I became stronger and also became active again in the activities that I used to do. My blood pressure became normal, my insomnia was cured, and above all, my constipation problem was solved. I can now drive myself wherever I please.

Since then, I never stoped taking Wheatgrass and Alfalfa, and praise God, nobody would ever think that I have undergone those terrible ordeal.

Thanks to NU LIFE!