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“Our Priceless Health Regained… Thanks to Nu Life!”

Thyroid Cancer
Wong Mei Ling, Taiwan

Stress from work and fatigue affected my metabolism. Evryly in 2002, I underwent a surgery, however my health continued to deteriorate. In April 2002, I started to use Nu Life products and within two months, my immune system and metabolism improved significantly.

Thank you NU LIFE for helping me to get back my health.

Products Used: Wheatgrass & Alfalfa, Natural Citrus Food, Essential Fatty Acid, Body Fit.

Diabetes Leading to Ulcer on Legs
Lee Shui On, Malaysia

I have been suffering from diabetes for over 10 years. I also had hypertension, cholesterol and uric acid problems. On the 13th of July, 2000, I developed an ulcer on my left leg and swelling on my right leg. My situation went out of control and the doctors already suggested to have both my legs amputated.

I started taking Nu Life products on the 20th of July, 2000. I followed the advice to preserve my health and take care of my wounds carefully. Three months later, the wounds of my leg were almost completely healed. My blood test showed my blood sugar level to be normal. My blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid levels improved a lot too. Thanks to NU LIFE!

Products Used: Wheatgrass & Alfalfa, Natural Citrus Food, Essential Fatty Acid, Aloe Vera Juice, Protek U, Aloe Jelly.

Lung Cancer
H.F. Wong

Mid 2001, I started to cough frequently. Later, I was diagnosed and confirmed to have terminal lung cancer. I underwent chemotherapy 25 times, but my condition did not improve. The cancer cells spread to my brain, liver, lymph, and pelvis. I then underwent electrotherapy. I was tortured and exhausted by various treatments. My health was fast degenerating; loss of hair was getting more and more serious; and I lost my appetite as well. I even needed to use a stick to support myself when walking.

In mid December 2002, I started to take Wheatgrass and Alfalfa, EFA, Pycnophy, Aloe Vera Juice, Citrus +, Bee Propolis, and Ateze. After one week, my body became more vitalized. I was able to do some simple exercise. Three weeks later, I was able to drive and play Tai Chi. When I revisited my doctor in February 2003, the medical report showed that the number of cancer cells dropped tremendously and the tumor had become smaller.

I will continue to take NU LIFE products so I can fully recover my health. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Mr. Jawid Khan for his love an care.

Managing Stress
Wallace Choi, Hong Kong

On and off, I followed a vegetarian diet, eating very plain food. Maybe because I have a very high expectation of myself, thus causing a lot of stress. I always felt tired after meals and would easily fall asleep. After having taken NU LIFE supplements, I gained back my strength and always feel very energetic.

Products Used: Wheatgrass & Alfalfa, Natural Citrus Food, Essential Fatty Acid, Ateze, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly,, Protek U.