Nu Life Ateze

“Your Potent Natural Stress Buster”

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has increasingly become a reality that everyone has to deal with. Countless deadlines, never-ending OT hours, hostile working environments, long commutes, financial concerns – there always seems to be so little time to juggle all your responsibilities.

During these stressful times, nutrients are often depleted. These nutrients include the antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E, the Vitamins B, and minerals potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and molybdenum. As city dwellers, the food we eat are stripped off their energy-yielding nutrients because of processed food in the diet, excessive intake of refined sugars, drugs (recreational and prescription), envirnomental toxins, malnutriton and cooking.

Nu Life Ateze is an all natural functional food concentrate which is the result of more than 20 years of medical research. It contains a unique nutrient blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbal extracts to fight stress and promote healthy nervous system functions.


Vitamins Vit. B Complex
Provides energy, aid in normal functioning of the nervous system, proper brain function and thought; regulates heart pulse rate and aids in digestion.
Vitamin A
Proper eyesight, antioxidant, and is required for new bone formation.
Vitamin C
Effective brain transmission, stimulate release of anti-stress hormones.
Vitamin E
Antioxidant, aids heart and muscle cell respiration, helps improve stamina and endurance.
Minerals Calcium
Regulates nerve conduction, and heart and muscle contraction.
A “natural tranquilizer” to relax both skeletal and smooth muscles.
Carbohydrate and protein metabolism to produce energy; helps in detoxification of alcohol.
Catalyst in the formation of hemoglobin.
Improves uptake of glucose into the celss to produce energy.
Capable of detoxifying heavy metals, drugs, alcohol, and cigarette smoke.
Supports uric acid metabolism, and helps mobilize iron from the liver for body use.
For blood sugar control; assists in regulating nervous system energy.
For energy production, protein metabolism, growth, and reproduction.


  • Stress and management of conditions associated with stress, like fatigue, exhaustion, restlesness, heart palpitations, nervousness, indigestion and hyperacidity.
  • Mental alertness, even in times of stress.
  • Prevention of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, paranoia and hysteria.
  • Reduced migrane and tension pain.
  • Prevention of peptic and duodenal ulcers.
  • Prevention of polyneuritis associated with old age.
  • Improve anemia because of the presence of Vitamin B12 and folic acid in the capsule.
  • Vegetarians who lack Vitamin B complex in their diet.
  • Various skin ailments such asitchy dermatitis, rashes, and dry, scaly skin.
  • Premature hair loss and greying.
BFAD Approved: FR#