What you get from NU LIFE’s Functional Food Concentrates over the nutritional supplements in the market
NU LIFE Functional Food Concentrates Nutritional Foods in the market

Naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemical extracts.

Extracted from pollution-free, or environmentally preserved area and are mostly organically grown.

Ingredients blended without toxin produced.

Synthesized ingredients may be involved.Even part of them are natural extracts, and they may be grown or planted in polluted areas.
Fuctional nutrients concentrated using high technology to ensure maximum retention of beneficial nutrients.
May contain diluted ingredients with massive drainage of beneficial nutrients. Improper concentration may be hazardous to health.
Nutrient Combination
Contains natural ingredient mix and photochemical components help to promote the health of brain, body and spirit.
Processed with high temperature, alcohol or chemical elements which may destroy the nutrition content.
Harmful substances are removed by advanced technology, with 90% active ingredients retained which can be absorbed and utilized by human body with advanced technolody called tailormade nutrients.
Large nutritional molecules whichmay hinder absorption and utilization.
Put forward and formulated by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland, regarded worldwide as the principal educator in functional medicine and nutritional foods, with very good medical and scientifical based nutrition.
Not always supported by medical or nutritional literature.