Macau Incentive Trip

Manager’s Training Seminar @ Macau
(3 Days / 2 Nights Free & Easy)

Qualification Period: February 1, 2006 – July 31, 2006

What is a Nu Life Manager’s Training?

MacauNu Life Manager’s Training Seminar is a specially designed professional training for newly promoted managers. The seminar covers special and in-depth discussion of our compensation plan, POWER WEB II, the uniqueness and power of it, plus detailed discussion of Nu Life policies and procedures. The training will also tackle financial management which teaches entrepreneurs on how to use their Nu Life income wisely, so that they can build up wealth and enjoy uncommon freedom in the future.

Who are entitled to join?

  1. All entrepreneurs who gets promoted to manager level for the first time during the qualification period.
  2. All existing Mangers and Senior Managers who re-qualified themselves to Manager or Senior Manager bonus class at least once during the qualifying months.


  1. A distributor can only qualify once during the qualifying period. Eligibility for the trip is non-transferable and non-convertible to cash or products.
  2. The trip is FREE and EASY, which means it will include only ticket, accomodation, and breakfast.
  3. All other expenses will be for the account of the company except for Philippine Travel Taxes, War taxes and Terminal fees, which will be for the distributor’s account.
  4. The point of departure will be from MANILA. For distributors coming from other areas, travel expense to Manila will be shouldered by the distributor.
  5. Standard company rules and regulations on travel incentives apply.