Australia Incentive Trip

“Golden Treatment at the Gold Coast”
April 1-8, 2006

At Sea World

Eight very hardworking partners earned their much-deserved break and became part of the first-ever Gold Coast Australian Incentive Trip. These are Marivic Cuyogan, Rafael Duarte, Luanne Lao, Dr. Edna Lao & Rogelio Lao, Remilio Torre, Noime Vila, and Bryan Virtusio.

The group left NAIA at 8PM on April Fool’s Day aboard a Qantas flight bound for Sydney. From Sydney, the group flew straight to Brisbane, where a bus would take them to Gold Coast.

The next day, everyone enjoyed a nice ride around sunny Brisbane in the city tour. On the third day, it was off to Seaworld where everyone came face to face with the world’s most feared marine predators, interacted with Australian dugongs, and got awestruck by a fast-paced and highly entertaining surf show.

The fourth day was spent in another famous Gold Coast theme park, Dreamworld. Here, the group experienced spine tingling, knee-knocking thrills and braved some of the tallest fastest rides in the world including the Giant Drop, Tower of Terror, Wipeout, Cyclone rollercoaster and The Claw!

Some had so much fun at the Gold Coast that they decided to extend their stay. Others on the other hand, continued their trip to Sydney where they visited the famous Sydney Opera House. Blue Mountain and Bondi Beach.

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