Words from the CEO

vincent.jpgThe Four Quadrants of Wealth

Life without balance of wealth is meaningless as many people spend so much time everyday trying to make money but at the end, they ignore the other aspects of wealth. I wish to share to all about the Four Quadrants of Wealth which I believe, if you can understand the concept, it will help you live a much more balanced, meaningful and fulfilled life.

The Four Quadrants of Wealth are as follows:

  1. First Quadrant: Human Wealth
    This is the most important of all quadrants as everything starts from this quadrant. As an individual this is the value that exist deep down your CORE. Values such as Love, Appreciation, Integrity, Trust, Responsibility, Commitment, Determination, Courage, Leadership, Humbleness, Attitude, Health, Family … etc. do exist in the different individual’s CORE.
  2. Second Quadrant: Intellectual Wealth
    This is the quadrant that exists in your mind as knowledge and skills that you have learned so far. Different people have different sets of skills and knowledge and it is highly related to the Core Values of the individual.
  3. Third Quadrant: Civil Responsibility
    This represents the willingness of an individual to do the extra work to help/serve and contribute to people and the society without even thinking about any reward. People who are prepared to serve others are those who carry out their civil responsibility.
  4. Fourth Quadrant: Material Wealth
    Material wealth is what most people know and thought that is the most important wealth in life. Examples of material wealth are money, properties, stock, bond … and etc.Majority of people spend too much time in searching for material wealth while ignoring wealth in the 1st to 3rd quadrants. While the happiest and wealthiest people on earth built their wealth starting from the 1st quadrant by growing their Core Values that leads to growing their intellectual wealth and at the same time carrying out their Civil Responsibility. It is only when you link up the first three quadrants then only Material Wealth in the fourth quadrant will come in abundance.

Hence in Nu Life, in order for us to build our long term residual income (ie. Material wealth), we have to start from our CORE (ie. our BEING), leading to more Intellectual Wealth and by severing others like our customers and our business partners including non-members (ie. our DOING), we are carrying out or Civil Responsibility. Then only we achieve huge Material Wealth, hence HAVING.

By living our values such as Love, Appreciation and Integrity, we naturally apply these values into our business of Nu Life. And because we are HUMBLE enough to keep on learning and growing, we continuously grow our skill and knowledge and by serving other, we are duplicating our efforts to multiply our productivity and we are building enormous wealth not limited to just materials but Total Wealth in life.

For those of you who had read the success story of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant, he applied the principle of Be-Do have before he made it to his early retirement. In fact, I learned this concept for the Four Quadrant of Wealth from the Rich Dad of Robert Kiyosaki.

I wish all Nu Life entrepreneurs in the world ultimately achieve unlimited total wealth in life and enjoy life infinitely.

Warmest regards,

Vincent Chong
CEO – Nu Life Brunei and Philippines