Values and Mission

Our Values Never Change:
“Bring Health and Wealth to People”

NU LIFE adheres to the common philosophy – “Prevention is better than cure.” Being the Health and Nutrition consultant of Nu Life, Dr. Jawid Khan has been taking the lead in response to the corporate call to promote the concept of “Health Preservation” – to keep our body from illnesses and diseases – to millions of people throughout Asia.

In order to introduce this important and brand new concept of “Health preservation” to our members and also to the healthcare professionals in the society, Nu Life has been working along with the world-renowned biochemistry and nutriology expert, Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland, to organize various health talks, doctor seminars and hospital visits in the last decade or so. In addition, Nu Life founders are also invited to press interview to provide up-to-date health information to the general public. NU LIFE aims to educate and help individuals to take charge of their health in a very convenient way.

NU LIFE MISSION: “Dedicated To Promoting Health and Wealth”

Nu Life carries the mission of being “Dedicated to Promoting Health and Wealth.” The founders strongly believe that by helping more people to gain better wealth, more people could realize their dreams.

NU LIFE LOGO: “Nurturing the Next Generation”

The Nu Life logo symbolizes a mother bird feeding a baby bird, fully expressing the care and concern of Nu Life towards the value of “Nurturing The Next Generation.”