Nu Health Manufacturing

manufacturing1.jpgProduct Quality Guaranteed

NU Health Manufacturing is located at Gig Harbour, Washington, USA and was officially launched in September 10, 1998.

Nu Health is a state-of-the-art US$ 3 million, 42,000 square foot functional food product research, development and manufacturing plant with an in-house laboratory under the complete supervision of Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland.

manufacturing2.jpgProduct Quality Control

Despite the GMP requirement for products to be tested once, at Nu Health, all materials are tested three times : on delivery to Nu Health, during blending and after bottling providing 100% guarantee before release for shipment.

manufacturing3.jpgLaboratory Tests

The advance and efficient in-house laboratory enables us to conduct tests within hours. All products have to undergo and pass tests on physical, chemical, microbiological, toxic and heavy metals before reaching the counters. These tests are authenticated by authorized laboratories in Japan, Philippines, US and other appointed government association.

Currently, Nu Health doubled its laboratory size and employment so as to meet the escalating demand for Nu Life products.