Words from the Founders

Nu Life Founders

“Nu Life – Your Best Choice!”

Unless we know the difference, how do we know what to choose?

Our mission has always been to promote Health and Wealth.

Health wise, we believe we are among the first to develop Functional Food Concentrates (FFC), a higher standard for nutrition, aiming to help people to stay biologically young. And we have got thousands of customers in different parts of Asia become fitter and healthier simply by using our products over the past ten years! Shouldn’t real testimonies and results convince you better than advertisements?

In the area of Wealth, we do not only provide the system, but also the means of education to equip our members to make a different kind of income that is better. We say it is better because for most people (in fact more than 80% of people in most countries only make one kind of income through their life – earned income! When you work as an employee or when you are self-employed, you have to earn your income or else you won’t have an income. Yet in NU LIFE, where you develop a growing network of members and customers who use our products, you will make instead of an earned income, a passive income that can be much bigger. With more personal free time, income sources expanding to many countries and most of all, your success will contribute to bring about better health and wealth to a lot of other people even in more foreign lands!

Last but not the least, it is important for you to understand this: Money is an idea. Success is a choice. Change is to know your choice and thereby to take a different action so as to get a different result.

For better health and wealth, we urge you to come to find out for yourself why NU LIFE is your best choice!

Founders of Nu Life